Ocean Interior Design

"The ocean fixes everything"


  Coral or freshwater designs are changed at least once each month to prevent algae build up and to create a "new look" in the aquarium. Concealing filter apparatus within the decor is our specialty.


  All internal filter media is changed each month. Uplift tubes (if applicable) and other filter parts and pumps are cleaned to ensure maximum filter and efficiency.


   30% to 50%  of  total  water volume is changed. Addition

of  water conditioners are included to enhance livestock health



 Six (6) critical water quality analyses are taken at each visit to

monitor aquarium environment.


Aquarium surfaces cleaned free of debris and algae. All covers, cabinetry and light canopies also cleaned to prevent corrosive damage.


           Identification of disease with proper treatment administered into aquarium


                                We are direct Tropical Fish Importers and offer our clients the highest quality fish at discounted pricing. Free delivery and acclimation of fish as well as a sixty (60) day guarantee is included.

Comprehensive Aquarium Maintenance

Ocean Interior Design LLC offers first-rate aquarium maintenance. To ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment, we use only the finest materials, coral, and livestock. 


• 33% Water Change
• Mechanical Filtration Change

• Add Trace & Bioelements
• Add Calcium & pH Buffers

• Add Chlorine, Chloramine, & Heavy Metal Detoxifiers


 • Water Pump Maintenance

• Replace Airline & Check Valve

• Scratch Removal from Aquarium                             Surfaces

Highly Proficient Staff

With the winning combination of promptness, reliability, knowledge, and experience, our technical staff members are among the best in the industry. They perform their jobs effectively, cleanly, and professionally.

Top-Quality Livestock

For excellent prices, you get quality livestock imported directly from collection stations throughout the world. Our unbeatable livestock guarantee ensures your aquarium is thriving and beautiful for years.

Contact us now for our effective aquarium maintenance service.