Ocean Interior Design

"The ocean fixes everything"

Showroom and Retail Store
535 Nantasket ave Hull, MA 02045 

Monday - Saturday 3:00 pm- 7:00 pm

We have a large selection of Saltwater and Freshwater livestock thriving in various life support systems. Come by and see them in action ! We have aquariums of all sizes in stock

Authorized Dealer and Business Partners

Lifegard Aquatics

Titan Aquatic Exhibits

Neptune Systems

San Francisco Bay Brand



Central Mass Aquatics

Sea Dwelling Creatures



We order livestock weekly from:

Central Mass Aquatics

Sea Dwelling Creatures

We quarrentine for a week or 2 to insure health

Service customers enjoy a 60 day guarantee on all livestock

non service customers 7 day guarantee on all livestock (water sample required)